How to store your memories?

How to store your memories?

You might have seen on our Facebook page we posted about the issue of sun exposure and your CD /DVD collection. It got me thinking about what other things should we avoid to preserve our precious media.

Although here at Happy Ireland Productions, we do recommend transferring your tapes into a modern format. Either onto a CD, DVD or MP3 file to conserve your memories. However, we do understand that some people undoubtedly just prefer the old stuff.

With that in mind, we decided to put together our top three tips for VHS Tape, CDs and DVDs and Vinyl care. Helping you to help your media live longer.

VHS Tapes

Although VHS tapes are no longer being manufactured people tend to have a few laying around at home. From childhood classic films to the best day of peoples lives.

Here’s how to keep your precious videotape collection in tip-top shape:

  • Store in a dry room temperature environment. Industry standards recommend between 18-21 °C. As too high a temperature causes tightness, and too cold causes chemical changes within the cassette. 
  • Avoid storing near magnetic devices. Magnets and speakers can mess with your VHS tapes or, even worse, erase them.
  • Rewind after watching. I’m sure we have all forgotten to rewind a few tapes in our time, but it’s essential to keep the tape tight and responsive. Ready for the next viewing session.

Need a handy way to remember the last two points there? Why not use some free time to watch the 2008 film Be Kind Rewind. That deals with two people working in a video store when accidentally, the contents of every single tape in the store get wiped. It’s how I remember them! 

CDs and DVDs

CDs and DVDs would be one of our recommended ways to store your media. As they are considered the most durable physical format due to the lack of contact during playback. Compared to the likes of vinyl records and cassette tapes but even they need some level of care to keep them watchable. 

Here’s how:

  • Hold discs by the outer edge or centre hole. Handling Discs correctly by holding them the right way is tip number one. This step stops the oils and dirt from your fingers from getting on the disc.
  • Put them back in their case. As simple as it may sound, it is one of the easiest ways to look after your CDs and DVDs. Whether it’s a paper case or a jewel case it helps minimise the effects of environmental changes.
  • Check before you buy. Where some people prefer to listen to music on Spotify or watching movies on Netflix. Some of us just prefer the tangible thing. Checking the quality of the disc before purchase, looking for any scrapes, scratches or discolouration especially when it comes to second hand, can help you in the long run.

Vinyl Records

For all the music lovers here is how you can keep your record collection pristine. Ready to be passed down from generation to generation. 

Here’s how:

  • Clean your records before putting them in jackets. Record cleaning brushes are a quick and easy way to remove dirt and dust. Why not invest in a vinyl-cleaning solution and a microfibre cloth? Using these products, around every six months keeps your records playing like brand new.
  • Always store records in their album jacket. By only taking your records out of their jackets when they are getting played and putting them away as soon as you are finished listening you avoid the grime that can impact quality. 
  • Store your records in an upright position. If you don’t the records in your collection could warp. We recommend keeping them in a box with ample room to avoid little or no slanting.

Hopefully, with these tips and tricks, you’re able to extend the life of your memory-filled media. 

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