Vinyl Record to CD

Vinyl Transfer Service

Transfer to:

CDDigital File (MP3)

Starting at

£10/ €11 per side

Price is applicable to 12″ / 10″ LP/EP & 7″ / 45’S

Vinyl Record Transfer to CD or MP3

Vinyl records were the primary medium used for music distribution until the late 20th century. From the late 1880s, it had co-existed with the phonograph cylinder, and then replaced it by the late 1920s. Vinyl Records were still very popular even when new formats such as compact cassette were mass-marketed. However, by the late 1980s when digital media in the form of the compact disc gained a larger market share, the vinyl record left the mainstream market in 1991.

Nevertheless, Vinyl records continue to be manufactured and sold on a much smaller scale and are primarily used by DJs. Their popularity is growing again, and they are often used by certain niche artist and genres.

Reminisce old tunes of the past with our Vinyl record transfer service! High-quality conversion to your choice of a CD or digital file (MP3), remember your tracks just like yesterday with Happy Ireland Productions.

Pricing per Format (£)

Vinyl Format£ per side
12″ / 10″ LP/EP £10
7″ / 45’S £10
78″ / 18″ Transcription disc£16

Pricing per Format (€)

Vinyl Format £ per side
12″ / 10″ LP/EP €11
7″ / 45’S €11
78″ / 18″ Transcription disc €19

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How Does It Work?

We operate through drop-in and collection with either our main studio in Belfast, through our partners or direct delivery and collection. The respective team member will walk you through our process and get everything organised, it’s that simple!
Once Happy Ireland Productions receives your order, we go through the necessary quality checks and inspection then begin digitising your memories into CD or a digital file. You’ll receive your original media with your digital copies at the respective outlet you dropped it in or straight to your door.

What Can I Digitise?

Our experts and technicians are proud when we say we can digitise over 50 different formats of analogue media to your choice of DVD and USB or both! This includes a range of videotapes, records and audio tapes, cine film, slides and negatives. We challenge you to find a format we can’t transfer.

How Do I Organise Delivery and Collection With You?

It’s simple! Please call us with the number(s)
(UK) 02890 200 229
(ROI) 1800 84 84 88
Our support representative will walk you through your order. For us to process your order faster, please have the following details on hand:
-Preferred Contact Number
-The Transfer Service you would like to use
-The number of media i.e. tapes, film, cassettes
-What you would like to receive back
-Return Address

Delivery charge for one-way is £11 / €11
Delivery charge for two-way is £22 / €22
Orders above £200 / €200 have their delivery charge waivered.

How Long Does It Take?

We ask for 7-10 business days for all transfer services upon receiving your media. However, we may need additional time to process your order due to the order size, promotions or public holidays.

I Think My Tape Or Film Could Be Blank, Will I Be Charged?

Rest assured, you will not!

Do I Get Charged By Length?

Nope, we charge each tape individually regardless of content time. So one tape could be 3 mins long and another 60 mins long but you’ll be charged accordingly!