Audio Transfer

Enjoy listening to the tracks of the past. Digitise your recordings to CD or USB.

We know just how precious your records are, so we take every bit of care and detail when we handle them. For over 30 years, by real people, we have transferred real memories, to make something really special.

Audio Formats We Transfer

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Cassette Tape Transfer Service
Micro Cassette tape Transfer Service
Digital Audio Tape Transfer
8 Track Cartridge Tape Transfer Service
Mini Disc Transfer Service
Vinyl Transfer Service
Reel to Reel Transfer Service

How it works


1. Send

Visit our Belfast Studio or one of our partners and drop in your assortment of videotapes and film. You can organise one or two-way direct delivery and collection with us! Leave your details and we’ll handle everything from there.

2. Digitise

Once we receive your order, our team of experts and technicians work hard to transfer your memories. From quality checks, restoration, and digitisation. Choose to receive a physical copy, digital copy or both!


3. Receive

Receive your original media back with your digitised copies either through our Belfast studio, partner outlets or straight to your door! Bring family and friends together and replay all your favourite recorded memories and moments!

Our Promise

We promise to do our best to save you valuable audio analogue records and cassette tapes. We will try to restore them to a quality that is as close as possible to the original. Even with vinyl records and cassette tapes that are in below average to poor condition. Our full restoration and conversion techniques include correct tone inconsistencies, speed, balance audio levels and boost vocal recordings. We quality check the final edited audio files, chapter point where appropriate then burn them to in-house professionally printed CDs or request. Finally, we perform a test on the finished CD, before we package it with a detailed quality report.

We offer a full range of professional audio transfer and digitisation services. Including vinyl to digital, video cassette tape to CD, tape to MP3 and Reel transfers to CD or MP3

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With over 200 outlets across the Island of Ireland that offer our services, Happy Ireland Productions is never too far away from you!

If you are worried about the longevity of any of your media, then bring them to Happy Ireland so that we can transfer them to DVD or a digital file! We will also restore and repair the film where possible while cutting out any blank scenes. Contact us today:

Please call us on:
UK: 02890 200229
ROI: 1800 84 84 88

Alternatively, you can send an email to:

If you are in Belfast then please feel free to drop in and see us at our studio!
Happy Ireland HQ: 439 Lisburn Rd, Belfast BT9 7EY
We look forward to hearing from you!