Super 16 mm

We provide cine film transfer and combine 35 years of experience with the latest technologies. To us, only the best quality is good enough. We do Cine Film transfer to digital conversion for family memories, historical archives, and museums all over the UK and Ireland. We convert to DVD or PC Format (AVI, MPEG, MP4, MOV) the following Cine Film types:

  • 16mm Film
  • Super 16 mm
  • 9.5 mm
  • 8mm Film
  • Super 8 mm Cine Film

History Of Cine Film

The 8 mm film format was initially developed by the Eastman Kodak company and was released to the public in 1932. It exists in two main versions of the original standard 8 mm film and Super 8 mm cine film. The consumer base was mostly home movie users and was a cheaper alternative to the 16 mm film. Super 8 film is a motion picture film format that was released in 1965. The Eastman Kodak company wanted it to be an improvement over the 8 mm home movie format. Also, the dimensions of the super 8 mm film are rectangular perforations along one edge that are smaller than the 8 mm film, which allowed for a greater exposed area.

How we do it

By cleaning and converting your old 8 mm or super 8 film we provide a restored, easy to view digital video on DVD or digital format that you can watch for years to come.
Furthermore, when we do cine film transfer, we use traditional telecine systems and custom built digital projectors with LEDs bulbs. These give far superior image capture, with no risk of burning your precious memories. While we transfer old film to DVD, we use the best equipment for the job, depending on the type and quality of your cine.
We combine 35 years of experience in cine film transfer. Our trained technician oversees every stage, making sure the final product meets our high standards. We always treat each order as a special case. In addition, we test each transfer system to get the best possible results for you.
These are real memories, transferred in real time, to be really special.

Cine Film Transfer

Full Enhancement Service Includes

  • Full restoration and enhancement through colour correction and contrast
  • Full animated Navigation DVD with individually titled Reel choice menus
  • Full audio enhancement of original sound or music soundtrack added from or non-copyright collection.
  • Full-service report with timeframes for home editing
  • Full return of all cine on as digital files on USB memory stick/drive in PC Format (AVI, MPEG, MP4, MOV)
  • Full Unrestricted Play: We do not charge extra to play your discs in other countries. Our DVDs are PAL region zero this means they will play anywhere in the PAL world.
  • Full Speed Correction: We check each film manually, adjusting playback speed. This is because sometimes movies are filmed with different speeds on different film cameras. Unlike others, we never respool your films onto one big reel, press a button and go.
  • Full Editing out Blank Portions: Occasionally all your film is not used up and you have a blank bit at the end. Therefore our technicians monitor all your movie and stop it at the best point. You will not find any large blank areas in your DVDs or Videos.
  • Full Recording in any Sequence: If you prefer your films transferred in a specific order then simply bundle them into similar types and number them. We don’t charge extra

Super 8 Sound Projector Eumig Mark S810