DAT (Digital Audio Tape) conversion

Happy Ireland provides DAT conversion but first, let’s explain a little bit more about this technology. DAT  is music stored digitally on 4mm magnetic tape. Previously it was considered to be the best medium for live taping and studio backup. It was Sony who first created the DAT technology. This technology is closely based on that of video recorders, using a rotating head and helical scan to record data. DAT was great for tape music recording because you could make a perfect 16-bit, 48Khz digital copy of your final mix. As a result, it is capturing all the distinctions of an analogue system. The small portable recorders such as the Sony D8 and Tascam DA-P1 made this a perfect choice for ‘tapers’.
Manufacturers no longer make DAT equipment. Sony stopped the production of their last model in 2005, so the system is now mostly obsolete. If you have any DAT recordings, we can do the DAT conversion for you to CD or MP3, so you can continue to enjoy them.
DAT conversion to CD will play both on your CD player or computer. It will feature a track list for each side of the tape. Each CD can accommodate up to one hour and twenty minutes.
We can do DAT conversion to WAV (for Windows), AIFF (for MAC) or MP3. Each tape side will be saved as an individual audio file. The files will be ready to play on your computer or laptop and are ideal for storage, or for importing into your computer editing software to create your own CDs.

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